Meters and Testers

Meters and Testers
We stock a wide range of digital and analog meters and testers for most purposes.
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Digital Clamp Meter.

This digital clamp meter has a large 3-1/2 digits display with maximum reading of 1999. Versatility ..


Digital Multimeter.

This multimeter has 7 functions and 19 ranges to cover AC/DC  voltage, resistance, DC Amps batt..


LED Battery & Alternator Tester.

This LED Battery and Alternator tester has LED indicators which verify condition of battery and alte..


Multi - Function Electronic Tester

This handy electric tester is ideal for AC/DC polarity and continuity testing. The tester checks for..


Multi- Function Circuit Tester 3 - 1.

This multi - function  quick and easy to use voltage tester is safe and accurate the voltage ra..


Power Detector.

This power detector finds breaks in circuits and cables and it identifies faulty plugs, switches and..