Our selection of trowels will meet the rigours of daily use and are ideal for the professionals and DIY enthusiast. We stock a range of trowels from brick trowels to bucket trowels.
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2 Piece Plastering Trowel Set

This is a two piece plastering trowel set the plastering trowel is 120mm x 280mm and the adhesive tr..


Brick Trowel - 11 inch

This is a very good quality brick trowel with a hardened and tempered steel blade and a comfy wooden..


Bucket Trowel - 7 inches

This bucket trowel is designed for removing wet mortar from a bucket. It has a deep swan neck handle..


Cement Finishing Trowel - 16"

This cement finishing trowel has a hardened and tempered polished steel blade. It has a comfy soft g..


Corner Trowel 127mm x 100mm

This corner trowel is manufactured with a flexible stainless steel blade to help prevent rust and co..


Gauging Trowel 7"

The gauging trowel is distinctive in having a round tip, along with a V- shaped back. It is des..


Grout Float 8 1/2" x 4"

This grout float is manufactured in rubber with a wooden handle and is designed for grouting wall an..


Margin Trowel Set - 3 Piece

This is a three piece margin trowel set the blades of which are manufactured in hardened and tempere..


Plasterers 1/2" Small Tool

This small tool is manufactured with a high quality flexible steel blade. This tool is designed for ..


Plastering Pipe Trowel - 267mm x 75mm

This pipe trowel is manufactured with a hardened and tempered steel blade. It  has a soft grip ..


Pointing Trowel 100mm (4")

This pointing trowel is manufactured with a carbon steel blade which has been hardened and temp..


Rubber Float - 9 x 4 inch ( Approx)

This sponge rubber float has a wood handle is designed for grouting and for finishing grainy surface..


Taping Knife - 450mm

This professional quality taping knife is manufactured with a  heat treated carbon steel blade ..