Wire Brushes

Wire Brushes
We have various types of wire brushes for angle grinders and power drills and hand held, for fast removal of paint, rust and general cleaning of metal surfaces.
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150MM Twist Knot Wire Cup Brush

This extra large twist knot wire brush is good for cleaning and stripping large metal areas.It is de..


3-Piece Mini Brush Set

This mini brush set is ideal for paint removal, corrosion removal, also other detail cleaning jobs. ..


Crimp Wire Cup Brush M14 - 65mm 2.5"

This crimp wire brush is manufactured from brassed crimped wire and fits onto most angle grinders. I..


M14 4"Twist Knot Wire Cup Brush

This twist knot wire cup wheel is designed for rust and paint removal and for deburring and edge ble..


Multi-Purpose Scratch Brush

This scratch brush is ideal for cleaning rusty parts, removing paint and many other applications. It..


Twist Knot Cup Brush 3" M14

This is designed to be used with 4 1/2 inch or 9 inch Angle Grinders. Wires are twisted into tight s..


Twist knot Wire Wheel 4"/ 100mm

Heavy duty wire wheel for removing rust, paint etc. Wires have been twisted into a tight spiral to m..


Wire Brush Set - 3 Piece

This 3 piece brass, steel and nylon wire brush set has a comfortable plastic grip handle to give you..


Wire Brush With Scraper - 11"

This wire brush comes complete with a scraper for all your general purpose jobs around the home and ..


Wire Wheel Brush Set - 6 Piece

This brass crimped multi- piece wire brush set will suit all your metal cleaning needs and all gener..