Sharpening Stones

Sharpening Stones
We stock a variety of sharpening stones for all your sharpening needs. Wet and dry, oil stones and diamond sharpening stones.
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8" Combination Oil Stone

This is a two sided oil stone, one side is coarse and the other fine. It is manufactured in Aluminiu..


Diamond Whetstone Set - 3 Piece 1"x3"

This 3 piece diamond blade set consists of  extra fine, fine and course sharpening bl..


Professional Diamond Sharpening Stone - Coarse Grade

With this sharpening stone, sharpening your tools is quick, easy and effortless. It is ideal for, pl..


Professional Diamond Sharpening Stone - Fine Grade

With this sharpening stone sharpening your tools  is quick easy and effortless. It is ideal for..


Professional Diamond Whetstone Set - 3 Piece

This 3 piece diamond whetstone set ensures quick, easy and effortless sharpening of all your tools. ..