Drill bits & attachments

Drill bits & attachments
We offer a wide range of Drill Bits, Jig Saw Blades, Cutting Discs, etc.
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100 mm Polishing Cloth Wheel

This buffing wheel has 40 stitched layers. It comes with a center arbor to fit into standard drill c..


125mm Rubber Backing Disc

This rubber backing disc is designed to be used with 125mm sanding discs and acts as a mounting plat..


20 Piece Drum Sanding Kit

This handy kit turns any hand drill  into a  drum sander. The kit has four mandrels and sa..


6" Buffing Wheel

This is a 6" (150mm x 30mm) buffing wheel, which has 80 stitched layers. The pack comes with a cente..


9 Piece Sanding and Prepping kit

This sanding and prepping kit is designed to be used with any cordless or electric drill, to sand, s..


Cleaning and Polishing Set - 7 Piece

This all-in-one polishing kit is designed to help remove scratches, from various metal objects such ..


Diamond Coated Cut-Off Disc 2" (50mm)

This cut-off disc is manufactured in carbon steel and has diamond particles on both sides.It is idea..


Drill Chuck Set - 3 piece

A handy kit allowing standard drill bits to be used in a SDS drill. Simply clip the adapter into you..


Engraving & Grinding Accessory Kit - 108 Piece.

This is  multi-purpose assortment for cutting, carving, sanding, grinding, cleaning and polishi..


Flat Wood Bit Extension - 3 Piece

This 3 piece wood drill extension bit set has tempered steel shanks and a hex 1/4" drive which preve..


Flat Wood Drill Bit - 1 1/4"

This flat wood drill bit is designed to be used with a power drill. It is a precision bit for accura..


Flexible Drill Shaft - 36 Inch Long

This flexible drill shaft fits directly into the chuck of electric drills. The overall length is 915..


Hand Drill - 8mm

This hand drill is manufactured in cast iron with wooden handles. It has a 8mm keyless three jaw chu..


Hole saw Set - 16 Piece

With this hole saw set you can cut smooth, clean, accurate holes up to 1" thick through drywall, woo..


HSS Step Drill Bit Set - 3 Piece

This is a set of 3 high speed steel step drills which have been titanium nitride coated for increase..